Monday, October 18, 2021

Witch Door ?

This is an older post, one of my favorite,
Just thought it would be fun to post again , 

Welcome my Lovely Goolish Wedding Guests, 

Please enter the Magikal, Mystical, Castle Door, cccrrrrreeeeeeekkkkkkkkk...........

I invite you to follow
 the Nuptial Veil for when you do,
 you will see,

The Bride and Wedding Guests 
in all their finery, 

 In the castle hall,
The baron beheld with a father’s pride
His beautiful child, young Lovell’s bride;
While she with her bright eyes seemed to be
The star of the goodly company.

I’m weary of dancing now,” she cried;
“Here, tarry a moment-I’ll hide, I’ll hide!
And, Lovell, be sure thou’rt first to trace
The clew to my secret lurking place.

Up, up the abandoned 
creaking Castle stairs ............

Away she ran as her friends began 
Each tower to search 
and each nook to scan.....

More stairs, Which door?

                                                    And young Lovell cried, 
                    “O, where dost thou hide?

Open the door......
Walk In.......

Once inside.........., The door closed behind...............,
With a large bang......, Clank......., Click.............,
and  then................................................
A final..............................

The Bride Inside................................................., 

"Oh, what fate", she cried, 
To find this old trunk for my escape!

"I shall climb in the trunk and Hide",

I’m lonesome without thee, my own dear bride.”
They sought her that night, and they sought her next day,
And they sought her in vain while a week passed away;
In the highest, the lowest, the loneliest spot,

Young Lovell sought wildly-but found her not.
And years flew by, and their grief at last
Was told as a sorrowful tale long past;
And when Lovell appeared the children cried,

“See! the old man weeps for his fairy bride.”

At length an oak chest, that had long lain hid,
Was found in the castle-they raised the lid,
And a skeleton form lay moldering there
In the bridal wreath of that lady fair!

O, sad was her fate!-in sportive jest
She hid from her lord in the old oak chest.
It closed with a spring!-and, dreadful doom,
The bride lay clasped in her living tomb!

This poem has been one of 
my favorites for many years.
It is called The Mistletoe Bough
 by Thomas Haynes Bayly.

Here is a link if you would like to read more

I also have instructions for the : 
Bridal Wreath if you would like to 
make one.  

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Halloween Inspiration

My daughter Elizabeth and I watched Practical Magic
the other night, The Victorian/Gothic house in the movie
is so beautiful and inspiring, I try to emulate the rooms 
every year, 

My dinning room table will 
have to do for the "conservatory"?

This is one of my spell bottles this year, 
I decorate them with antique lace and charms,

These are Original Antique Photos, 
you can always find them at 
antique shops, yard sales,
I had some given to me, 
so I started decorating them 
with antique laces, buttons, trims, etc. 
Then gave them Scary Names ! 

Here are my spell ingredients, herbs and powders

I found this old tin box this year at a neighborhood yard sale,
just love it for putting my Magick things in it!

I use this folder for my "Book of Shadows",
 I found this years ago when 
I was a teenager, and my mother and I went to an estate sale,
 I have always taken it 
for granted, never really examined it, 
now I think it might be leather, 

One of my antique velvet pumpkins, 
decorated with antique lace, 
antique silk toole, antique floral leaf, 
antique black jet buttons, 

Paper tissue ornament I made 
a couple years ago, 

Don't you love old silver?  
It seems to look great for any holiday!

I also decorate the top of this antique dresser 
with any and all seasonal decorations, !

I hope this inspires you also, 
Especially with Halloween Parties coming up,

See you then, 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Yellow Road for Mabon

Before we know it is late September, 
Mabon will be 
        here, meanwhile..........

Following the Yellow Road 
is difficult these days, !!!
Perhaps with the help of the 
Full Moon, the 21st, and the
 Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd,
We can do it !

Tread  Lightly, along,
with the Yellows in 
my Gypsy Gardens

Poor Demeter now looking for 
her daughter, 
Maiden Persephone,

Butterfly Weed

Golden Rod 

Mabon represents the Second Harvest 
of the season,


Goddess Demeter hear us this 
Mabon full Moon Night,
Keep us in your path, 
Protect us from strife and hardship 
as we follow you on this Yellow Road,
Guiding us with your glowing light
Bringing to all health, friendship 
and, prosperity this 
Mabon Season !! 

As Above , So Below,
So Mote it Be !

I hope your Yellow Road is 
traveling the way you Intend it to Go !!

Blessings to You !