Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hoping the Pink Spring Moon will bring Spring

April 29, 2018
Full Pink Moon

The Pink Moon gets its name from the 
"Moss Pink" or Wild Ground Phlox 
color of this wild flower, 
which is one of the first Spring Flowers,
I have several still wild plants
 that appear on my gardens !!
Other names are Sprouting Grass Moon, 
Egg Moon and
Fish Moon 

Early Colonial Americans 
learned the Names of the Moons
from Native Americans,
Moon names were named for some 
activity or event of the season ,

My Father always bought the 
Farmer's Almanac every year,
and consulted it often for planting, moon lore and 
the funny folklore sayings ( reading and laughing out loud to us kids) about most anything,

I buy one too now every year, 
I don't always get to do all the things 
I learn about however,
it is comforting to know my Dad would approve, 
Here's what I remember my Father doing:

Plant flowers and vegetables 
that grow above ground
during the Light or the  Waxing Moon
Your flower bulbs, biennial, perennial's ,
and vegetables that grow below ground at the Dark or Waning Moon, 

Above ground crops: April 20-22, 29
Below ground crops: April 2,3,12 and 13

Goddess of the Pink Moon
Please Return........
The Spring , 
That we may Sing,
Dance a Trance, 
Among the Lance of Our 
Faerie Folk,

As I say, So Mote it Be !

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Celebrating Earth Day!

Earth Day 2018 

Wild Bleeding Hearts

Wild Squills are usually the 
first flower's up in my Gardens !

Save your egg cartons and egg shells, 
Put the empty egg shells in the egg carton,
fill with dirt and plant your seeds, 
transplant the seedlings as 
they get taller, I will have to do this soon, 

Enter, (early summer)

The Bloodroot will blossom soon, 

Then the Trillium,

We have turned the corner finally here in 
Lower Michigan,
50's and 60 degrees this 
weekend and into next week !!!

I think I can get out in my Garden's
and do some serious clean out of 
the beds, Light the Lanterns tonight, 
This always relieves my stress
and anxieties !!!!


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Blue Moon Tonight March 31, 2018

The Second Full Moon in a Month 
is a Blue Moon,
Sometimes Atmospheric 
particles can make the 
Moon Glow Blue

This Full Moon would be...

The Full Sap Moon?

Depending on the Native American

tribe and region, this would be an


alternative name to the Full Sap Moon,
being the time of year when the 
Sugar Maple Trees start to flow

Our weather tonight here in Michigan 
should me mild and clear,

I for one am looking forward to 
lighting the lanterns and 

sitting in the Plumfield Gardens to 
catch some Moon Rays!! 

Wishing you a Blessed Blue Moon Night,