Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Welcome Litha

Anticipating the culmination of Litha with the onset of Midsummer's Eve.
The month goes so fast, planning for summer parties, working on your vegetable garden,
and before you know it the Summer Solstice is here, June 21st !
Being the longest day of the year, unfortunately also means from this point on 
the days will become shorter as the wheel of life comes closer to  
preparing for the events of Mabon. 
Meanwhile we try to enjoy the season with parties, vacations, and the bounty from 
our early spring and summer gardens! 

The Sabbat of Litha, triumph of the sun and the presence of the Green Man or the Oak King. 
The spirit of nature and the sacred male principle, 
The presence of Goddess Flora or the Celtic Goddess Danu, to honor the female, 
Similar to Beltane, Litha is a sabbat strongly associated with the element of fire. 
Bonfires are lit to assist the sun in changing its course, 

Litha also brings the presence of the Faerie Realm.
Contact with these delightful entities is possible at this time, 
Midsummer's Eve is a time of intense magick and suitable for casting love spells and charms.
Gather your herbs at midnight on the Midsummer Eve to have greater potency!

Some of the herbs I like to gather and use are:

Sage/brew for sore throats/burn for cleansing your space of negative energy and spells to attract money

Thyme/another bug repellent/ energy spells

Mint/refreshing brew for tea/ prosperity and money spells

Lavender/a great moth repellent for your wool sweaters/ love spells

I use these mainly because they are the most practical and prolific in my gardens, and also they have many uses in cleaning, cooking and spell craft,

Lavender Lemonade Syrup:
4 oz  Lavender (flowers with short stem)
4 oz  sugar
3 1/3 cup of lemon juice

Put lavender, sugar, in a pan with 10 ounces of water,
bring to a boil, remove from heat immediately and cool in the fridge overnight,
(this mixture turns to a delightful pink color)
Just before serving add the lemon juice and dilute with more water until desired strength and taste
You can also put a sprig of your mint in the glass for garnish!

Roasted Vegetables with Herbs:

Use your favorite vegetables such as zucchini, potatoes, onions and cut up into lengths or cubes, spread on 
a baking sheet, sprinkle with olive oil, tuck in thyme springs and sage leaves, salt, pepper, 
mix together on the baking sheet, bake for 30 to 45 minutes at 275 to 325 degrees depending on your oven. 

Prosperity Spell:

Combine Sage and Mint in a pretty glass or china bowl, 
holding the bowl, repeat this verse:

Goddess Danu on this Litha night,
Bring to me the Magick of  Prosperity 
to take Flight !

Just a few of the many ways to celebrate Litha,

Friday, June 15, 2018

Merry Litha !

Lets see what the Faerie Folk bring today and tonight to help us
celebrate the Solstice !

Within this longest day of the year, the clouds are parting to bring 
sun and warmth only for this day after a week of clouds, cold and rain.
Stopping for only today and then returning tomorrow and most of the next week!

How fortunate for us in this part of the country to be sunny and dry today!

Spirts are high awaiting the Solstice Celebration!

Have a Great One!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Litha Solstice Spirits in the Summer Garden!!

Along the Trail,

The Time is Near,

The Twilight Hour,

In Expectation, 

Of the Evenings Secrets, 

Mysteries to Discover, 

Hidden Under A Viel of White !