Monday, January 21, 2019

Super Blood Moon

A Red Full Moon pictured against a dark sky

During a lunar eclipse, the Moon can sometimes turn red. 
The light reaching the Moon resembles the “color of blood,” 
and is sometimes called a “Blood Moon.” but there is no way of 
predicting this in advance. But when it does occur, the explanation is simple:

During a total lunar eclipse, white sunlight hitting the atmosphere on the sides of the Earth gets absorbed and then radiated out (scattered). Blue-colored light is most affected,” NASA officials wrote online. “That is, the atmosphere filters out (scatters away) most of the blue-colored light. What’s left over is the orange- and red-colored light.”
This info is from Old Farmers Almanac

I have never know so much Moon activity as the last 10 years, especially these last few 3 or 5 years.
Super Moons, Blood Moons, 
I listen and watch Nature,
I  believe Nature is trying to tell 
us something, to make us pay attention,

I heard a scientist tell that 
what we do as a people  to
 ourselves or others reflects in 
when there is  unrest, political upheaval, illness, Nature reacts, with severe storms, earthquakes, flooding, volcanic eruptions,  and much more,

It just makes me wonder......, 
 what are we doing to one another 
in our daily lives on Mother Earth,
I think is demonstrates that 
We are connected to the Earth, Wind,
Fire, Water, Air and Spirit !  

The Beautiful Moon was shining in my 
bedroom window at 7 pm, I haven't been feeling well, I lay in the Moonlight  
for a while, then went to sleep,
I did not get to see the Blood Moon when
it occurred. So disappointed,

Tonight I will have a 
Super Blood Moon

Altar, White cloth, Candles of the Quarters,
White Goddess Candle, 
Shells, Pearls, Aquamarine, loved 
by the Goddess, 
Lavender,(love)  Sage,(cleansing)
Pink Quartz, Eucalyptus Oil, 

As Above So Below ..........
        So Blessed Be,

Friday, January 11, 2019

Warm Smudging and Scents for a Cold Yule

Choose your Feather, 

Make your Smudge Bundle, 

Found this web site real informative 
and good information!


Choose your Goddess, 

Although we are having a Warm Winter here 
in Michigan, today  I did wake up to a dusting of 
beautiful Snow !!! 

This is one of the easiest winters 
I have know in a long time !!

It is a Blessing  !! 

Now to keep your Spirits Up
 for the rest of the 
Long Cold Days and Nights ahead !!!

Here are my Remedies to get me 
through the long months ahead:

Winter Drink Tonic:

In a large cappuccino mug :
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon of Honey (or more to your taste)
Fill the cup with  boiling water,
(variation: add your favorite herbal tea also)

Stir with a cinnamon stick  
till dissolved, cool, and drink  !!!

My Mother used to brew this up all  
winter long, usually when our 
throats would get scratchy or
our noses stuffy, 
I used it for my children, they would let out a sigh when I threatened to give them the "Tonic", haha,  Now I use for my Grandchildren,
 these days !!! Funny how these little 
children will like and do for their Grandmother
what my children would not !!! 

Here is my soothing Beauty Remedy:

Rub a couple drops of Baby or Coconut Oil
on your face and neck,
Soak a washcloth with Hot water,
(ring out) Press against your face and 
neck !!!
It feels Wonderful, Refreshing, 
and leaves my skin so soft !!
I recently added a couple drops of
 Rosemary scented Oil into the mix, 
then scooped up some oil and rubbed on 
my face and neck,
The smell was wonderful and soothing,
You could use your favorite oil combination also !

I always like to have a hand project
 to do also when these dark days
 come so early in the evening,
I find the best type of project is a type of 
quilting or hand sewing for me, 

Wool Hearts and Lace Roses,

Finally a Spell to get us Through the 
Grip of the last of the Yule Month: 

Goddess Persephone,
As you endure so we,
Cloaked in the cold nights,

We call the Sun,
To warm our days
Until the Dark goes Away !!

As Above , So Below
So Blessed Be !!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Looking Forward to 2019

Just some random thoughts and 
Pictures for the New Year  !!!

Hoping your New Year is off to a 
Great Start !!

Closing of the year smudging prayer

Blessed Be !!!