Monday, March 19, 2018

The Spring Wheel Returns

I'm so excited for the upcoming 
Spring Equinox Celebration! 
Finally the Wheel is Turning to Spring
I know here in Michigan we are not 
"Out of the Woods" , yet,
However a Girl can Hope can't she ? 
Cold here with lots of Sunshine
 these past few Weeks
Yes Weeks, which is really 
unusual for our Michigan weather

All things New again, the smell in 
the air changes,
 Daylight is longer of course and 
this all inspires me to Clean and Organize !!

The Return of Persephone, 

The Appearance of the Faerie Folk, 

Planting your seeds for your Garden !, 

Your Trillium's Appear,
With Wild Bleeding Hearts, 


Your collecting your Sap 
from your Sugar maples !,
Yum !!! 

I can't forget these Yummy
Morel Mushrooms, walking 
through the Woods to find !!

So there you have it , 
Just some of all the fun Equinox stuff and 
more that I look forward to !!!

How about You ? 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Green for a Green Day!

Happy St Patty's Day!

Here are some "summer" pictures of what is 
yet to come, 
This winter so far has been one of Extremes, We get a Dumping of Snow, then it all melts, then it happens again and it Melts Again, then it Snows record inches and all melts at Once, so we have Biblical Flooding !!! 

Finally we receive our Ostara thaw!

A "heat wave" of 35,40, 
even up to 60 degrees here, 

Much of the snow is gone, 
making way for the final
rain or snow storms of March, 
Oh yes they will come, 
Can't put away the wall and
 window coverings just yet, 

However, a Girl Can Dream to 

Follow the Green Road, 


Just a reminder of what I have to 
look forward to on
This Green Day!

Blessed Be!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Underground Network !!!

One if the books I am currently reading is,
The Hidden Life of Trees, 
Author:  Peter Wohlleben,

It is fascinating !!!!
I have always felt there was 
a human connection, sensitivity, 
 to the trees,  now I am sure there is !

Trees have friendships with other trees,
Trees give off scents and tastes through their leaves, 

Just a couple things I am reading about,
however always suspected, 

When my father owned the 40 acres of woods,
I would arrive to the old stone house,
I could actually sense the Welcome from 
the Conifers and Hardwoods as I would 
get out of the car,

I actually would greet them, talk to them,
when I would arrive for the weekend,
they were full grown, mature,
 30 feet tall, gentle giants, 
by the time we had to sell the property,
It was so sad, 

 I had such a feeling that I  
belonged to them ! 

My only consolation is that I did
bring back some White Pine, Spruce,
Ferns, a Maple, from the property to
my own gardens, 

Flooding, no heat, sweeping water
here, However can see the dirt and '
grass, a couple more days of 
near 50 degree weather will 
lift the Spirits, Faerie's in my 
Have a Great Week !