Monday, February 4, 2013

Mid Summer's Day Dreaming Of!

 I have been saving the avacado pits as I use the avacado, to plant in the  garden this spring.
I usually plant at least one every summer, and they do grow tall and leafy, however the
season is so cold and short here in Michigan that of course the avacado does not form, but
it is fun to see the pit take root,  sproat and grow ! Last year it got about 4 foot tall,
I will have to get a picture this year.

This picture is of Jerusalem Artichokes I found at a friends house. They are very invasive and
I guess a prehistoric plant.  I did remove them from this area last year and will be removing
them forever because they just keep on coming up. These got 6 foot tall, they were very pretty,
like giant Daisy's, but would have taken out all my other perennials if I had left them there.

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