Friday, February 22, 2013

Majestic Old Maples

Saddly, this is the year that these giant 100 year old Silver Maple trees have to
come down, (on Maple Street), before they fall on a house or someone walking by, which
has almost happened  this past year, so the city needs to make sure they are not a threat, and
they have to come down,
Neighbor to the left of me, 100 year old Silver Maple


Neighbor across the street to the right of me,
another 100 year old Silver Maple, the upper limbs were cut off the
week before, so now just the extra length and trunk to take down,
One of the branches fell across this front yard last summer, just missing the corner of the
porch roof, it took up the whole length of the front yard, all of we neighbors thought a car
had crashed into someone's  front porch, I went out to check mine, and eventually saw this massive
 piece of this tree laying over their yard, full of bat droppings, yes bats had been living in the tree,
This tree also shaded their whole front yard, sure will be a hot summer for them this year,

Fascinating watching the process, the worker would cut a section, tie it off
and then actually shake or slide it off the top and the rope would catch it
it would swing out and then the worker on the ground lowers it,

Here the final section is down and they are sawing it into shorter pieces,
the fork puts it in the trailer to haul away,
We are now in the midst of a massive snow storm, I wanted to get out and take
final pictures before the city workers came to grind up the trunks, however they are now
covered in 4 inches of snow, 
Spring is just around the corner, right? 
Take care out there!

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