Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Mabon

Happy Mabon Celebration !!

Mabon Stir Fry:

Using the wonderful bounty of my garden I love to cook this simple, quick meal.
You will need:
Zucchini, broccoli, potatoes, onions, garlic, hot pepper,  green or yellow string beans, tomatoes, and any other vegetables you have from your garden.
1.Heat pan with olive oil, medium heat,
2. Chop garlic, onions, hot pepper, (to taste), (If you are using chicken, or other meat, this is where I also add to cook with the onions and garlic), potatoes, root vegetables
and place in pan, cook until almost tender,
3. Now add zucinni, tomatoes, beans, 

If you find the pan getting dry or sticky add some water, olive oil or even a little white wine,
After each addition cover the pan and let cook and steam before you add the next vegetable.
Basically all I do is cook the thicker, harder vegetables first, then add the vegetables that do 
not take as long to cook next,

After number 3 is a good time to add any shell fish, turn down heat, cover, let steam on top of vegetables, 

Clear a space in center of pan, pour about a tablespoon of Oyster Sauce, gently fold into your stir fry,
Now you are ready to serve over rice noodles, white rice or other noodle or rice of your choice,
Many times I make enough that I really don't need the gluten or carbs of the noodles or rice. 

Mabon Wreath:

Harvest herbs, flowers, garden produce that will dry well on a wreath,
Make a wire form or purchase a metal form at any craft store,
(probably a styrofoam or grapevine form would work well too)

Lay out your items around the wreath, take some thin florist wire and wrap around
all of the stems or tie on each individual branch to the wreath,
Go in between the little sprigs from the stems to hide your wire,
Use a burlap, twine, or raffia ribbon to decorate,

After I had the base secured around the wreath I started tucking in all of the 
other herbs and flowers I wanted to use, 

The herbs and flowers easily tucked into the long Artemisea stems and the wire that I 
used to secure the Artemisea to the wire wreath,
I picked a stem from a  purple string bean and put the whole stem with the bean
and leaves in the wreath,  
See more here

We gather tonight ,
to celebrate Mabon,
May the next turn of the Wheel 
bring us love and compassion,
abundance and prosperity, 
fertility and life!
As the moon above, 
so the earth below.
So Mote it Be........

Blessed Be,

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