Saturday, November 23, 2013


From this to................

This!..........seems like in an instant!!!!

However, the snow soon melts by the next day as temps
rise again,
Pretty yes,  for now, I usually change my perspective on the snow
after the Christmas, or Yule holiday, already miss not being able to go out the
back door barefoot to sit in the Faerie Gardens.
I think it is going to be a long winter, sigh........... 


Laura said...

You have snow?? Oh how lovely! I want snow!

Anonymous said...

Hi, you could be right about the long Winter, maybe even a cold one.
My husband and I were talking about the new comet yesterday. It seems to be a same kind of comet like Hale Bop in 1997. We had a long cold Winter then, so maybe the history is repeating ???
Have a great weekend and stay warm ; )

Victorian Tailor said...

Hi Moncha, I didn't know about the comet, yes, this is the first time in many years we have had snow on Thanksgiving, and so cold! Happy Holidays to you and your!