Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Still no Snow!

I'm  really not complaining when I say .....
we have not a a major amount of snowfall
this season. 
Last year at this time we had major snowstorms closing school the week 
before Christmas break, then an Ice storm.

Now, everything on the ground is Green and Brown,
I wanted to take some evening lights pictures
of the pretty light decorations in my neighborhood,
however it just isn't as pretty as it could be without the snow.

Yesterday the 30th,

I wrote to soon......., this is what I woke up to this morning,

A sweet reprieve of dusted snow!

This time last year,

Last night at twilight


New Yule Eve, the suns returns, the time of new beginnings, 
setting new goals for the coming year, 

Deities, which one? 
For me it will be Demeter, looking for her 
lovely daughter Persephone abducted by Hades, 
Searching......, Waiting....., for her return at Ostara, 

I guess because I can relate to daughters visiting, and returning to their homes
after Yule  for the long winter months......then returning again in the 
warm Spring. The sadness you feel from them leaving, and the joy of the return visits!

The long cold days when I can get back to work, organize my life and house,
work on my goals I promised for Yule!
Ready for the return of  Spring.

Here is all you need for your New Yule Eve Celebration:

Black candle, Green candle, paper, pen, a small cauldron or fireproof bowl,
your favorite incense, 

Lighting  candles and incense, sitting quietly and reflect on the past year.
Imagine your hopes and goals for the New Yule.

Write 3 things you wish to banish from the Old Yule, fold the paper in half,
light the Black candle, light your paper and let it burn out in the cauldron. 
Extinguish the black candle.

Now.... write 3 things you wish to manifest for the New Yule, 
Light the Green candle, 
Tuck this paper close to the green candle

Light the incense with the green candle flame,
watch the smoke rise while focusing and meditating on your written intentions for 
the New Yule.

It is done, so mote it be! 

(I use little post it note size papers, it can be scary if you light a large piece of paper),

I also write the new goals on a larger piece of paper, sometimes I cut out 
pictures if I can find them that depict my goals,
 and glue onto the paper, then post to  
a bulletin board. Like a "vision board"  where I can see all winter
 and be reminded of what I want for the
New Yule. 

Next, now I can take those pictures of the pretty neighborhood lights with the snow!

Wishing you  a safe New Yule Eve night and plentiful New Yule Day and Year!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Giving Thanks and Gratitude

Giving Thanks, gratitude as we are leaving this season and travel into Yule, 
I am blessed with sooooooo much,
Beautiful children and grandchildren, a car to drive, a house to live in, simple things, 

For this final  week of the Samhain season there are still some myth's and legends to
contemplate, such as,

Phoenix , a mythical winged creature,  an obscure constellation in the southern horizon,,
 a symbol of death and rebirth for the Witches New Year.

Another spectacular creature is Pegasus, the winged Horse, the bringer of inspiration.

At the edge of our galaxy, the light of the stars you are seeing
 have traveled billions of miles through space to reach your eyes.
 Allow magick and inspiration to inspire you as you gaze through the constellation of Pegasus.
Considering that the Phoenix and Pegasus are both winged creatures allow's your imagination to "take flight", be bold and free to reinvent yourself at the time of the Witches New Year!

Andromeda the daughter of  the vain Queen Cassiopeia,
also referred by Britons as Lly's Don or Con's Court,
Andromeda's salvation from a death sentence and freedom from bondage ,
another symbolism of the Samhain season.

A whimsical English and Scottish legend of  of Tam Lin,
Tam Lin the handsome your knight who captured the fancy of the Faerie Queen.
The Queen rescues him from an accident thus preventing his death.
She imprisons him inside a well in Cartehaugh.
Tam Lin unable to leave the well, seduces young girls
who summon him by pulling on a double rose that grows beside the well.
Tam Lin falls in love with Janet and implores her to release him from the spell of the Faerie Queen.

"And then I'll be your own true love,
I'll turn into a naked knight,
Then cover me with your green mantle,
And hide me out of sight"
(a poem by Francis James Child)

Finally lets not forget Hecate, the Crone Goddess of Wisdom,
Many fear her, she attends women in childbirth and who we will face at the end of our life's journey. An opportunity to name and face your fear's. To create positive change you must honor her with respect to receive her blessing and aid.

"I am the Maiden, seeker of Wisdom."
"I am the Mother , giver of Wisdom."
"I am the Crone, keeper of Wisdom."

I am looking forward to Yule, with both traditional and mythical symbolism's and traditions.
 twinkle lights,
pretty dishes,
I love it
Meanwhile I am giving thanks and gratitude to all the universe has at my will,

Wishing you all Happy Thanks and Gratitude!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Witch Door ?

Welcome My Lovely's,  and Thank you for visiting my Par-Tay!

Thank you also to Vanessa for hosting 
another wonderful year 
of a Halloween Blog Party!

Please be sure to visit the other 
bloggers  listed on Vanessa's blog  A Fanciful Twist

Welcome my Lovely Goolish Wedding Guests, 

Please enter the Magikal, Mystical, Castle Door, cccrrrrreeeeeeekkkkkkkkk...........

I invite you to follow the Nuptial Veil for when you do, you will see,

The Bride and Wedding Guests 
in all their finery, 

 In the castle hall,
The baron beheld with a father’s pride
His beautiful child, young Lovell’s bride;
While she with her bright eyes seemed to be
The star of the goodly company.

I’m weary of dancing now,” she cried;
“Here, tarry a moment-I’ll hide, I’ll hide!
And, Lovell, be sure thou’rt first to trace
The clew to my secret lurking place.

Up, up the abandoned 
creaking Castle stairs ............

Away she ran as her friends began 
Each tower to search and each nook to scan.....

More stairs, Which door?

                                                    And young Lovell cried, 
                    “O, where dost thou hide?

Open the door......
Walk In.......

Once inside.........., The door closed behind...............,
With a large bang......, Clank......., Click.............,
and  then................................................
A final..............................

The Bride Inside................................................., 

"Oh, what fate", she cried, 
To find this old trunk for my escape!

"I shall climb in the trunk and Hide",

I’m lonesome without thee, my own dear bride.”
They sought her that night, and they sought her next day,
And they sought her in vain while a week passed away;
In the highest, the lowest, the loneliest spot,

Young Lovell sought wildly-but found her not.
And years flew by, and their grief at last
Was told as a sorrowful tale long past;
And when Lovell appeared the children cried,

“See! the old man weeps for his fairy bride.”

At length an oak chest, that had long lain hid,
Was found in the castle-they raised the lid,
And a skeleton form lay moldering there
In the bridal wreath of that lady fair!

O, sad was her fate!-in sportive jest
She hid from her lord in the old oak chest.
It closed with a spring!-and, dreadful doom,
The bride lay clasped in her living tomb!

I hoped you enjoyed your visit. 
This poem has been one of my favorites for many years.
It is called The Mistletoe Bough by Thomas Haynes Bayly.

Here is a link if you would like to read more

I also have instructions for the : Bridal Wreath if you would like to 
make one.  

Thanks again for visiting, now I am off to visit all of you!
Blessings and the Happiest Halloween to all,

If you are interested in the antique lace Wedding Gown you can find it here:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Evening Fall Lace

Just wanted to capture the beauty of this fall day, I didn't want the day or 
evening to end,  Just happen to be my Birthday also! 

After such a gorgeous day and week, 
I wanted to capture the ending of the day also, 

I spent the evening in my fall garden, lit the cafe lights for a little while,
Unfortunately most of the garden ornaments have been stored away, we could 
get frost and snow any day now, especially after such a perfect week, 

However I draped a quilt and lace tablecloth over my swing chair, 
the chair is one of the last pieces I put away before the snow fly's, 

So spiritual, relaxing, peaceful, 

Candles, lanterns, fall foliage one last time,

Making way for the Magick of the Witches New Year,
All Hallows Eve, 

Perfect ending to a perfect day!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Winged Creatures

After a rainy cold week the Goddess of Litha gave us a beautiful warm, sunny 
Solstice Day !!

I am doing the final set up for all the Goddesses and Faeries  to arrive,
set up tables, chairs, etc. 

Spell I Wish,
Spell I Might,
Bring the Magick in the Garden Tonight,
Or Else !

Tables, chairs, Cauldron, 

Hatters Tea, 

Path's mowed, barn side decorated, 

Chair of the Faerie ready, a message in a bottle on the chair, 

Woodland Goddesses  arriving,

Rainbow Goddess,

Can you guess who this Goddess is?
(answer following post)

Beautiful Faeries,

Beautiful Woodland Faerie, 

This Faerie sitting with the Prince of my Gardens under the dome of the throne !

Daughter and Mother Faerie's, 

May the breezes of the meadow keep
blowing the mosquitoes to your neighbor

Sweet little Faeries, (well, actually a Captain Hook Faerie), 

Love the mosquito (bad Faeries) pack hooked to the wings !


Life is a circle, it never ends, Live it with peace joy and especially friends,
To gather together in celebration and love, 
To create wishes and spells and dreams from above,
To our Longest Day !

Gather in a circle, writing spells, 
When it is time to "Write a Spell", everybody panics and gets nervous that they don't know 
how or have never heard of writing spells before. I reassure them and show examples of last years
spells. I am always amazed that the one's who said they could not write a spell are usually
the "Best" Spell !! 

May the Secret Garden Gnome sneak into your garden in the still of the night and 
bring with him Good Fortune,
Remember if you find him you must pass him on in the still of the Night!

Reading the Spells out loud, anonymously,
Moon and Stars, Purple and Black,
My dress is tight,
I'm glad for the end of the Night !

Time to do the "White Elephant" Garden Gift Exchange !


Goddess of Beauty, Make me a cutie,
Life after "50", I need a Lifty !!

Many stayed till dusk when all the candles and lights and Fire Fly's came out,
So much fun, neighbors, friends and co-workers,
what a wonderful group of fun, creative people !
Can't believe they are all right here in my own neighborhood!

The End !

PS.  The name of the Goddess with the curtain rod Wings?
Goddess of Window Treatments !!! Of course!

One more Spell:
Frogs and Snakes and Lizards Slime,
All in a potion with a lime,
Served on ice in a really tall glass!