Friday, March 9, 2018

Green for a Green Day!

Happy St Patty's Day!

Here are some "summer" pictures of what is 
yet to come, 
This winter so far has been one of Extremes, We get a Dumping of Snow, then it all melts, then it happens again and it Melts Again, then it Snows record inches and all melts at Once, so we have Biblical Flooding !!! 

Finally we receive our Ostara thaw!

A "heat wave" of 35,40, 
even up to 60 degrees here, 

Much of the snow is gone, 
making way for the final
rain or snow storms of March, 
Oh yes they will come, 
Can't put away the wall and
 window coverings just yet, 

However, a Girl Can Dream to 

Follow the Green Road, 


Just a reminder of what I have to 
look forward to on
This Green Day!

Blessed Be!

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