Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Please excuse me, however along with my fellow Michigander's, I have to vent!!!

Outside my front door, 5 inches of new, another snow storm overnight,
Schools and businesses closed, 

End of driveway to the street, which is a mere line of track, 

I have not been able to use my long gravel driveway, 
or the carriage barn to put my car in since the first huge 
snowstorm in December, so have it parked at the beginning of the driveway, 
at entrance to the other side of my porch,
I also have been using the front entrance to the house, you cannot use the back walk or the door, pretty much snowed over since December, 
Even before this I was getting stuck in the snow as I came down the driveway!

Here is the mound of ice under the 6? snowstorms we  have had, the plow truck said 
he couldn't get the ice to move, 

One of the entrances to my Faerie Gardens, I hope they are safe and warm!
And predicting 6 more inches overnight?
You won't believe who was just at the door, the water softener salt man, making a delivery, he looked more like the "Abominable Snowman", I forgot I ordered last week, I told him there is no way he can get to the back door, he was nice enough to say he would come back next week, (the inside of my house would have been a puddle if he had tried to carry it through the house) 
I am blessed enough to be safe and warm, some towns do not have power!
This has been an Unbelievable Winter!!!
Take Care out There!

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