Monday, June 9, 2014

Am I going MAD ?

Things are starting to look a little Mad around here, finally, we have had some, 
nice hot days to make flowers bloom,

So...... I am a bit off my tea trying to plan my Mad Tea with Vanessa, 

So thought perhaps a "walk around",  would bring me inspiration, 

The foliage plants are looking marvelous..... however.........,

The blooming flowers are so late this year!
Although, I did have a visit from a silly little Hummingbird the other day,
A Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly yesterday, 
And a very well dressed Goldfinch this afternoon!

The spring wildflowers have already bloomed, now for the 
perennial's to take over

Oh, there is hope here for some wonderful whimsy!
I shall have to contemplate the possibilities !
I believe I have been inspired ! Can't wait to see what I may do!

Until then everyone, Happy Mad Tea Planning!

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