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Celebrated on August Eve, August 1st, the first day of the Celtic Autumn.
The last four of the great fire festivals of the Celtic year.
Named for the Celtic deity , Lugh, this sabbat is a tribute to the first harvest and the beginning of the end of summer.
Lengthening of nights, now halfway to autumn, the fruits of summer are abundant and the first sheaves and  grains are cut in the fields. The sabbat of Lughnasad is the traditional time for harvest, hope and belief of the coming bounty.

Lughnasad is known by many names.  Such as: 
Lammas, meaning "loaf mass" . Derives form half , the Saxson word for loaf.
Lammastide, Laa Lhuanys, Calan Awst, August Eve, and Garland Sunday.

I am making a Harvest wreath this year to hang on a wall or door.
Harvest herbs, flowers, garden produce that will dry well on a wreath,
Make a wire form or purchase a metal form at any craft store,
(probably a styrofoam or grapevine form would work well too)

Lay out your items around the wreath, take some thin florist wire and wrap around
all of the stems or tie on each individual branch to the wreath,
Go in between the little sprigs from the stems to hide your wire,
Use a burlap, twine, or raffia ribbon to decorate,

After I had the base secured around the wreath I started tucking in all of the 
other herbs and flowers I wanted to use, 

The herbs and flowers easily tucked into the long Artemisea stems and the wire that I 
used to secure the Artemisea to the wire wreath,

I picked a stem from a  purple string bean and put the whole stem with the bean
and leaves in the wreath,  

Here is a yellow string bean stem, I would have put little red peppers in also however
they are not on yet, our summer here has been quite cool, vegetables have been later then usual,

The herbs and flowers will dry on the frame as it hangs, you can even use the herbs
as they dry or just leave as a pretty decoration for your celebration!

I  also put this on my Lammas Alter with a candle in the middle of the wreath!

Here is one of my favorite foods to make at Lammas,

Lammas Harvest Pesto:

Large handful of fresh Thyme
1/2 cup of Walnuts
2 gloves of Garlic
1/4 to 1/2 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
Put these ingredients in a food processor,
as you are chopping drizzle Olive Oil to form
a paste like consistency, salt to taste,

Spread on your harvest baguette,

Enjoy your celebration and wishing you the best of Lughnasad Blessings!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful time. We enjoyed the wonderful warm weather. There's harvesting everywhere now and the weather isn't as hot, but very nice.
Have a magical day.