Sunday, July 2, 2017

Garden Fireworks !

Welcome to my front door,
The Garden Fireworks have started !
(this is a past year post, hopefully I will have another 4th of July butterfly this year to show)

Lily's in full bloom 
to celebrate the 4th of July !

The sweet Hummingbirds 
go crazy over the Menarda,
especially late in the day at twilight, 
just have not been able 
to capture these sweet Faeries yet,  

When I first came out the back 
door on this 4th of July morning,

Cup of coffee and my camera, 

A flitter and a flutter caught my eye, 

Behold this beauty! A "Mourning Cloak" ! I believe fresh out of the pupa, 
still wet on the wings, resting on the ground for quite a while in the warm sun on 
the garden soil ! My little granddaughter and I have a favorite 1950's Butterfly Book,
And sure enough, I knew I had seen this butterfly in the book, and there it is,

What a wonderful 4th of July gift !

Have a blessed 4th of July !

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