Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Autumn Trail

Looking forward to cool days and nights,
We have had a terrible 90 degree plus summer
here, with a drought to go with it !!!

Only these last couple weeks have we 
had rain to regenerate plants and flowers again,
however, many have died and won't be back, 

Maybe I will get my little white pumpkins
blossoms are just starting to come on, 

Sedum is starting to turn color only now,

Even the Goldenrod was not hardy enough for this drought 
this year, some is now recovering, 
Farmers Almanac predicts a 
long cool/warm Fall, 
Hoping to finish those garden and
outdoor projects I didn't get to do 
because of the heat ! 
What are you doing this Fall?
Have Fun,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures !! Such wonderful flowers.
I love Autumn too ; )

I have something on my blog for you.

Have a magical day.