Sunday, October 12, 2014

Evening Fall Lace

Just wanted to capture the beauty of this fall day, I didn't want the day or 
evening to end,  Just happen to be my Birthday also! 

After such a gorgeous day and week, 
I wanted to capture the ending of the day also, 

I spent the evening in my fall garden, lit the cafe lights for a little while,
Unfortunately most of the garden ornaments have been stored away, we could 
get frost and snow any day now, especially after such a perfect week, 

However I draped a quilt and lace tablecloth over my swing chair, 
the chair is one of the last pieces I put away before the snow fly's, 

So spiritual, relaxing, peaceful, 

Candles, lanterns, fall foliage one last time,

Making way for the Magick of the Witches New Year,
All Hallows Eve, 

Perfect ending to a perfect day!

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