Sunday, November 23, 2014

Giving Thanks and Gratitude

Giving Thanks, gratitude as we are leaving this season and travel into Yule, 
I am blessed with sooooooo much,
Beautiful children and grandchildren, a car to drive, a house to live in, simple things, 

For this final  week of the Samhain season there are still some myth's and legends to
contemplate, such as,

Phoenix , a mythical winged creature,  an obscure constellation in the southern horizon,,
 a symbol of death and rebirth for the Witches New Year.

Another spectacular creature is Pegasus, the winged Horse, the bringer of inspiration.

At the edge of our galaxy, the light of the stars you are seeing
 have traveled billions of miles through space to reach your eyes.
 Allow magick and inspiration to inspire you as you gaze through the constellation of Pegasus.
Considering that the Phoenix and Pegasus are both winged creatures allow's your imagination to "take flight", be bold and free to reinvent yourself at the time of the Witches New Year!

Andromeda the daughter of  the vain Queen Cassiopeia,
also referred by Britons as Lly's Don or Con's Court,
Andromeda's salvation from a death sentence and freedom from bondage ,
another symbolism of the Samhain season.

A whimsical English and Scottish legend of  of Tam Lin,
Tam Lin the handsome your knight who captured the fancy of the Faerie Queen.
The Queen rescues him from an accident thus preventing his death.
She imprisons him inside a well in Cartehaugh.
Tam Lin unable to leave the well, seduces young girls
who summon him by pulling on a double rose that grows beside the well.
Tam Lin falls in love with Janet and implores her to release him from the spell of the Faerie Queen.

"And then I'll be your own true love,
I'll turn into a naked knight,
Then cover me with your green mantle,
And hide me out of sight"
(a poem by Francis James Child)

Finally lets not forget Hecate, the Crone Goddess of Wisdom,
Many fear her, she attends women in childbirth and who we will face at the end of our life's journey. An opportunity to name and face your fear's. To create positive change you must honor her with respect to receive her blessing and aid.

"I am the Maiden, seeker of Wisdom."
"I am the Mother , giver of Wisdom."
"I am the Crone, keeper of Wisdom."

I am looking forward to Yule, with both traditional and mythical symbolism's and traditions.
 twinkle lights,
pretty dishes,
I love it
Meanwhile I am giving thanks and gratitude to all the universe has at my will,

Wishing you all Happy Thanks and Gratitude!

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