Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy November

This time between the Witch's new Year and the beginning of the Yule 
season is a time for planning, decorating, organizing things I want to craft or
sew for gifts and decorations.  
So what happens with the universe during this time?
The sun enters Scorpio on October 24, Scorpio is associated with death and the 
Goddess most closely associated with Scorpio is the maiden huntress Artemis. 

Artemis the daughter of Zeus.  Artemis the goddess of the moon and the hunt. Artemis calls upon
a giant Scorpion  to sleigh Orion the hunter, as he was a threat to her power as  goddess of the hunt. 
This is one of the many variations to the conflict between Artemis and Orion. 

This time of the year is one of connection. 
The veils between the worlds have thinned.
The Goddess Hecate is welcomed as a source of deeper wisdom in her Triune form.
The Goddess will guide you to the land of your ancestors.
Goddess Hecate will give knowledge and
 strength within the trinity in human form.
The energy of Hecate will renew us for the months
 ahead and give us time for reflection. 

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