Saturday, November 25, 2017

Preparing for Plumfield Yule

What do you do for the Yule season?
One thing that puts me in the mood for the holidays is a simple Yule 
wreath or swag to hang on a door or wall.

I am gathering juniper, boxwood, white pine, spruce, holly, yew, this and that 
from my gardens, 

Here is my basket of greens, 
the pine cones are not from here,
(just set them in the basket) 
the wreath form I made 
from a vine in 
my back garden,

This is the berry from my 
burning bush in the front garden,

This is some wired artificial pine branch 
I found at the dollar
store last year,  I will use this 
to wrap everything onto the vine ring,

I also save the twist ties from the 
Christmas tree lites, they are green and 
blend really well with all 
your green decorations
I layered each piece repeating the pattern, 
and making sure the branches all
go the same direction, spruce,
 boxwood, juniper, yew, and so on,

Take the wire pine branch and come 
from the back over the front, 
around to the back again pulling 
tight as you go, tuck the wire 
under pieces of the 
branch as you go so it 
won't show, 

Secure in the back, 

Wrap a pine cone with the twist tie 
and secure to the wreath, 
Finally, I used a piece of burlap as a ribbon, 
and stuck the dried Hydrangea 
in for some color, 
Could use some more red? 
another Hydrangea flower?
Aww, maybe I will fuss with
 that again tomorrow, 

For now I like this, have to 
pull other things together now,

Have a Blessed Week Ahead, 

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