Sunday, September 13, 2015

Magickal Michigan Mushrooms

On my recent camping trip into the Michigan Forest,
I noticed with a different appreciation ......Mushrooms.....
I have always noticed them there, however for some reason I 
am really fascinated with them this time here....

Pink,  yes Pink, 


Piggyback, several with the little "shrooms" riding on top,

Sweet tiny little brown buttons, 

And then more Perfect Pinks !

Among the "Reindeer" Moss, 

Curious "balloon" with a little hole in the top,
when I touched them they would deflate.....

Pretty little yellow mushrooms,

Have to say my favorite are the "Pinks" !

Why have I never been so intrigued with these curiosities
before? I don't think I take the forest for granted.......
I feel so close to "spirit" when I am there......Ummmm...
Oh well............ 
What a wonderful sensation to find something 
enchanting again after so many years of going into the forest!!!

I wish you all new discoveries as you go 
into the forest also!!!!  

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