Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Moon

Full Moon for Thanksgiving Eve,
November 25, 2015,  known as the 
Beaver Moon,
Named for the Beaver because this was the time
to set traps before the waters froze over, 
Another name for the Thanksgiving Moon would be
Full Frost Moon, 

Celtic Elder Moon, November 23 to December 23

Pronounced Ruish, roo-esh, 
This month is a time for workings related to crativity and 
renewal, birth's, death, and rejuvenation, 
Elder protects against demons and negative entities
Magickal workings with Faeries and nature spirits

In Celtic lore this is time of the Birch Moon.
or Beth pronounced  "beh" 
Birch is the first tree to grow when a forest burns
a sign of rebirth or regeneration,
So at the Winter Solstice around December 22, 
it is time to work towards the light in life, 
Magick done with Birch ensures creativity and fertility,
A red ribbon tied to the Birch Tree will ward off 
negative energy, hang twigs at a babys cradle to protect 
from psychic harm, and use the bark for your writings
to keep them safe.
read more here, "about religion"

Arianrhod is know as the Lady of the Silver Wheel,
or Full Moon
She is a major Welsh Goddess with the festival on December 2nd
Her name is derived from the Milky Way  zodiac and the Moon

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