Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Long Nights Moon in my Window

Long Nights Moon as seen through my 
Kitchen window at about 4 am,

Nice surprise when I couldn't sleep and 
came down stairs to make a cup of tea !!

What were the chances to see the moon,
with all the clouds the night of the Full Moon !!

Such a peaceful, beautiful site to see !!! 

Monday, December 12, 2016

December Long NIghts Moon

Decembers full moon is called the 
Long Nights Moon by most 
First Nations Tribes,

It occurs near the Winter Solstice, 
when the night is long 
before the wheel turns
to longer days ahead.  

I will be celebrating the 
White Goddess of  the Full Yule Moon,
Vesta of the Everlasting Flame,
Eternal Virgin, pure and white as 
the light of the Moon,

In her love and light she will 
bring purity to the season.
The hearth is her altar,
and she invites you to come closer
and be comforted by her warmth,

When the day draws near there will be  
a new start with the turn of the wheel,
Back to the Sun and the return 
of the Oak King !!!

Goddess Vesta of the Long Nights Moon,
Warm me in your glow,
On this cold night ,
Light the way below,
for the Journey of the Wheel to Begin

As Above , So Below
So Blessed Be !!!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Almost Ready

Is it just me or has "Everything" been running 
together in one big LUMP since September?
In my struggle to keep my business going,
planning for a fiends December wedding,
and getting ready for my own family's 
Christmas, Everything has gotten away from me this year,

Finally have the Front Door done, 


Antique Wooden Skates from an 
Antique Shop in Germany, 

Put out the Old Vintage Sled 
I painted White,

My reliable Spirea Branch Wreath, 
I have been using for 
about 4 years now,  

This was new last year, I bought this 
heavy metal dress form 
from a fellow vendor at 
the antique mall I am in and gave her 
A New Yule  Dress, 

Finally everything  pulled together!!!

Now for the inside, maybe have 
it done by the end of next week?

Wishing all of you a good decorating week!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

On our Way to Yule

Persephone by Soni Alcorn-Hender

Goddess Persephone

Last week we were experiencing mild to warm weather here, 
just missing the next polar vortex that the news is reporting, 
50 degree's which is warm for us here, 
I felt the need to "gather",
pine cones,................. 
   conifer branches, ......
                         dry sprigs of this and that,.......

put them all together in an arrangement, 
perhaps the instinct to collect and store for the cold winds ahead,
however reassured knowing that in my modern day world way, if there is anything I really 
need I can just go to the store.......
kinda takes the romance out of the old pagan ways,

Now this week the cold is here, 

wispy snow, ........
                               blowing away.................,
                                                                      sticking to the ground this time.........
It is the real thing this time,  here to stay now, Time to make my 
cave warm and cozy. 

How we have evolved from the pagans we once were, 

The term "paganism" was revived during the Renaissance when writers were trying to differentiate the old traditions from their contemporary Christian faith.  The term itself stems from the Latin paganus translated loosely along the lines of "country dweller" or "rustic"; thus it was initially a word describing a person of locality rather than a religion.  However, because of its usage in ancient texts, medieval authors mistakenly believed it referenced a religious sect and thereby gave it the corresponding connotation.  In actuality, there was a different word used to describe the "pagans" as they are called today, and that word too stemmed first and foremost from the location of the religious supporters.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Super Moon Celebration Party

November 14, 2016
Super Moon 2015

Algonquin tribes call the November Moon,
the Beaver Moon or Frost Moon,
Named for the time to set Beaver traps 
before the swamp ice forms.

Coinciding with Perigee, (meaning, near Earth):, 
the Moons closest point 
to the Earth in its monthly orbit.
Can cause real physical effects,
 such as, larger than usual tides,
We have had a total of 
six Supermoons in 2016 !!!

This November 14, 2016 the 
full Moon will be the closest
 Supermoon of the Year!
This SuperMoon will also 
be at the closest point to the 
Earth of the 21st Century ! 
The Moon will not be this close 
again until November 25, 2034! 

I plan to be Under the Moon 
this SuperMoon night,
Barefoot, Casting Spells, 
Especially since we are 
having unseasonably warm 
weather this year, 
One last garden party for Me !!!

I usually invoke the 
Celtic Gods and 
So for me I will be out in the 
Plumfield Gardens with
Keeper of the cauldron,
Goddess of the moon,
her name meaning "chiding love",
 Goddess of the Moon and Stars,
her name meaning Silver Wheel of the Year, 
Since Full Moons 
are a great time to spell for 
Empowerment and Healing
I will share with you 
here is my simple spell,

"Goddess Arianrhod join me
on this Super Moon night,
Bring to me health and might,
To be strong and carry on!!!"

As it is Above, So Below,
So Mote it Be............

What will your celebration be ?
Blessed Supermoon to You !!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall Gypsy Camp 2016

This years Birthday Gypsy Camp, 
every year different experiences,
this year no exception,

Arrive to my favorite rustic site, 
way in the back of 
the park away from modern campers, 

Set out a little Practical Magick,

Votives in the Faerie Tree !!

Sunrise the next morning, alone on the 
10 acre trail.......
(yes, I had my pepper spray)

Found some cute pumpkins in town,
especially the pink one in the middle, 

Brought a bottle of wine I bought at a winery
back in May, 
Yes, it is named after "Me", well....
that's what I tell my self anyway !

The path beyond goes into the woods, 
I sit here in the mornings
and evening hoping to see 
a Buck, Elk, Turkeys, anything,
however so far the back of a Coyote I think, 
The many times I have walked the trail,
nothing is there, that I can see, anyway , 
So wouldn't you know,
 going home the last day of camp,
10 miles down the road, 
8:30 am I see something cross the road.....

Yes, a Michigan Grey Wolf, crossing the road, 
then leaping into the ravine,  
I could not believe my eyes, 
and immediately googled
Michigan Wolves when I got home, 
till I found what I saw, 
3 car lengths ahead of me,
going East on M72, 

When I see or hear 
animals in the wild of Michigan, 
I feel very blessed, 
and one with the environment,
I have been coming to 
the forests since I was 12 years old,
always lived in the country
 growing up and have seen some 
beautiful things, 
Never a Wolf, he or she was Beautiful,
it's fur glistened in the morning sun!

Thank you Universe for this Birthday Gift !!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Birthday Gypsy Camp !!!

It has been a long tradition that the family goes 
Up North to Grandpa's Shack over my Birthday,
now the shack sold and chidren 
grown and on their own,
I keep up the tradition by 
staying at my favorite camp site
close to the same area as 
Grandpa's Shack, 

On a recent trip to the Cape, 
my daughter Elizabeth 
purchased a new copy 
of one of my favorite books,

For Me!!! on my Birthday!!!

Ms Alice Hoffman lives 
on the Cape and had 
a book signing!!!

I will always cherish this gift!!!
Thank you Ms Hoffman,
Thank You, Elizabeth !!

Beautiful sunny warm weekend here,
especially for me I know today on my 
Leaving for my Gypsy Camp to stay the 
next couple days, in the woods of 
Northern Michigan,

I recently found this 1950's themos kit 
at a local garage sale, 2.00,
Soup, Coffee and sandwich/food  box,
So excited to use it, road day trip !!!!, 

Can't wait to get to "My Spot", 
set up the lanterns, candles, 
under my Faerie Tree !!!

Walk the trails, sit in camp 
and read my books !!!!

So this is where I will be,  
Wishing you all a warm and 
fun week ahead,
This second week of Halloween!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Autumn Trail

Looking forward to cool days and nights,
We have had a terrible 90 degree plus summer
here, with a drought to go with it !!!

Only these last couple weeks have we 
had rain to regenerate plants and flowers again,
however, many have died and won't be back, 

Maybe I will get my little white pumpkins
blossoms are just starting to come on, 

Sedum is starting to turn color only now,

Even the Goldenrod was not hardy enough for this drought 
this year, some is now recovering, 
Farmers Almanac predicts a 
long cool/warm Fall, 
Hoping to finish those garden and
outdoor projects I didn't get to do 
because of the heat ! 
What are you doing this Fall?
Have Fun,