Thursday, February 22, 2018

Underground Network !!!

One if the books I am currently reading is,
The Hidden Life of Trees, 
Author:  Peter Wohlleben,

It is fascinating !!!!
I have always felt there was 
a human connection, sensitivity, 
 to the trees,  now I am sure there is !

Trees have friendships with other trees,
Trees give off scents and tastes through their leaves, 

Just a couple things I am reading about,
however always suspected, 

When my father owned the 40 acres of woods,
I would arrive to the old stone house,
I could actually sense the Welcome from 
the Conifers and Hardwoods as I would 
get out of the car,

I actually would greet them, talk to them,
when I would arrive for the weekend,
they were full grown, mature,
 30 feet tall, gentle giants, 
by the time we had to sell the property,
It was so sad, 

 I had such a feeling that I  
belonged to them ! 

My only consolation is that I did
bring back some White Pine, Spruce,
Ferns, a Maple, from the property to
my own gardens, 

Flooding, no heat, sweeping water
here, However can see the dirt and '
grass, a couple more days of 
near 50 degree weather will 
lift the Spirits, Faerie's in my 
Have a Great Week !

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