Friday, June 16, 2017

Getting Ready for the Summer Solstice Gathering !!

Yes it is that time of year again, 

Soon my Gardens will be 
alive with Fanciful Faeries,
Goddesses and  other Whimsical Guests, 

For my Annual hosting of the 
Summer Solstice Garden Party !!!

Last year the theme was Outlander,
My bookclub book for the month, 
However most of us watched the movie 
along with the book, 

Just need a little adjustment 
on the Ole Wings, 

Make sure the Faerie  House 
is Decorated and Ready for

Make sure your Tee Pee is facing East !!!

Get out your best Kilt !!!

Don't forget to invite the Bagpiper !!!

Practice your Spells and Incantations,
Ready to Share with your fellow
Faeries and Godesses !!!!

Prepare your best Potion to Drink,
Find and bring your favorite Celtic Food,
Bring your Bad Faerie Spray (mosquitos),

Aye, Lassies, Now you are ready,

Be sure to come back after the 24th
to see the Fun and Mayhem !!!!

I am thinking next year to bring this to 
a Blog Party, 
Would any of you bloggers be interested,
in doing this?

Leave a note to let me know, 

Until next week,

Happy Solstice !!!

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