Sunday, November 27, 2016

On our Way to Yule

Persephone by Soni Alcorn-Hender

Goddess Persephone

Last week we were experiencing mild to warm weather here, 
just missing the next polar vortex that the news is reporting, 
50 degree's which is warm for us here, 
I felt the need to "gather",
pine cones,................. 
   conifer branches, ......
                         dry sprigs of this and that,.......

put them all together in an arrangement, 
perhaps the instinct to collect and store for the cold winds ahead,
however reassured knowing that in my modern day world way, if there is anything I really 
need I can just go to the store.......
kinda takes the romance out of the old pagan ways,

Now this week the cold is here, 

wispy snow, ........
                               blowing away.................,
                                                                      sticking to the ground this time.........
It is the real thing this time,  here to stay now, Time to make my 
cave warm and cozy. 

How we have evolved from the pagans we once were, 

The term "paganism" was revived during the Renaissance when writers were trying to differentiate the old traditions from their contemporary Christian faith.  The term itself stems from the Latin paganus translated loosely along the lines of "country dweller" or "rustic"; thus it was initially a word describing a person of locality rather than a religion.  However, because of its usage in ancient texts, medieval authors mistakenly believed it referenced a religious sect and thereby gave it the corresponding connotation.  In actuality, there was a different word used to describe the "pagans" as they are called today, and that word too stemmed first and foremost from the location of the religious supporters.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Super Moon Celebration Party

November 14, 2016
Super Moon 2015

Algonquin tribes call the November Moon,
the Beaver Moon or Frost Moon,
Named for the time to set Beaver traps 
before the swamp ice forms.

Coinciding with Perigee, (meaning, near Earth):, 
the Moons closest point 
to the Earth in its monthly orbit.
Can cause real physical effects,
 such as, larger than usual tides,
We have had a total of 
six Supermoons in 2016 !!!

This November 14, 2016 the 
full Moon will be the closest
 Supermoon of the Year!
This SuperMoon will also 
be at the closest point to the 
Earth of the 21st Century ! 
The Moon will not be this close 
again until November 25, 2034! 

I plan to be Under the Moon 
this SuperMoon night,
Barefoot, Casting Spells, 
Especially since we are 
having unseasonably warm 
weather this year, 
One last garden party for Me !!!

I usually invoke the 
Celtic Gods and 
So for me I will be out in the 
Plumfield Gardens with
Keeper of the cauldron,
Goddess of the moon,
her name meaning "chiding love",
 Goddess of the Moon and Stars,
her name meaning Silver Wheel of the Year, 
Since Full Moons 
are a great time to spell for 
Empowerment and Healing
I will share with you 
here is my simple spell,

"Goddess Arianrhod join me
on this Super Moon night,
Bring to me health and might,
To be strong and carry on!!!"

As it is Above, So Below,
So Mote it Be............

What will your celebration be ?
Blessed Supermoon to You !!