Monday, December 12, 2016

December Long NIghts Moon

Decembers full moon is called the 
Long Nights Moon by most 
First Nations Tribes,

It occurs near the Winter Solstice, 
when the night is long 
before the wheel turns
to longer days ahead.  

I will be celebrating the 
White Goddess of  the Full Yule Moon,
Vesta of the Everlasting Flame,
Eternal Virgin, pure and white as 
the light of the Moon,

In her love and light she will 
bring purity to the season.
The hearth is her altar,
and she invites you to come closer
and be comforted by her warmth,

When the day draws near there will be  
a new start with the turn of the wheel,
Back to the Sun and the return 
of the Oak King !!!

Goddess Vesta of the Long Nights Moon,
Warm me in your glow,
On this cold night ,
Light the way below,
for the Journey of the Wheel to Begin

As Above , So Below
So Blessed Be !!!

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