Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Secrets of the Grave Stone

In the new flower bed 
of this Old House
 they found the lost forgotten in the 
cold, cold, ground,

To which was lost so long ago, 
To dig in the bed where they may lay, 
So sweet repose for many, years and  days,
at last released from the hidden grave, 

Remembering her old home, 
and how this was the site, 
where they laid their  
Daughter Dear here at Twilight, 

The Old Crone was sitting on the curb 
watching the Maiden dig her earthen place,

When the Maiden working 
in her flower bed 
  felt an eerie stare, and 
turned to see her sitting there, 
Cocking her head to the side,
 and gaze a pondering eye,,
She turned back to the flower bed,
and begin to question Why?

Is this A Neighbor?  
Or simply someone walking by?

Quickly turning around again, 
the Maiden went to speak to her.....,
To see that the Crone had
Magically Disappeared!, 

But how? Where? 
Within such an instant glance?, 
Gone so quickly down the
 Sidewalk long and far?

Back to her garden bed
 she dug the dirt and weeds,
When a sudden clunck 
hit the shovel blade.......

All along the row the blade hit 
the surface of the ground 
with this sound !!!!!

Tapping with the shovel
around the edge,
The Maiden found a ridge,
With the shovel she 
pried , tugged and slid, 
When up from the ground.......

A Slab of Stone !!,...... 
            Below this, another half downed !!!,
           Now complete, together, bound 

The Tombstone under
  this Flower Bed is found!!!!

Oh merciful departed!! 
What have I discovered !!
To find you here after all these years,
I shed tears for those near and dear,
Perhaps the Crone sitting and 
watching me here?,

Anna Jane Willett, 1859

Safe and Guarded You will be,
in this New Flower Bed for All Eternity !! 


This is a TRUE story !!!
In this part of our town there are rumors,that, part of the old cemetery is in back of the houses in this neighborhood. When my friends bought this old house dating back to the 1850's, people in the area told them rumors of graves and stones around 
parts of the property's here, 
As they were working on the landscape in the front yard they did hit this sweet tombstone.
My friend saw an older woman sitting across the street, on a piece of cement from the sidewalk, watching her a couple days later after finding the tombstone. She turned away, and then quickly looked again and the woman was gone.
Such an intriguing yet sad discovery,

However a great part of history for our town

Happy All Saints Eve

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall Gypsy Camp 2016

This years Birthday Gypsy Camp, 
every year different experiences,
this year no exception,


Arrive to my favorite rustic site, 
way in the back of 
the park away from modern campers, 

Set out a little Practical Magick,

Votives in the Faerie Tree !!

Sunrise the next morning, alone on the 
10 acre trail.......
(yes, I had my pepper spray)

Found some cute pumpkins in town,
especially the pink one in the middle, 

Brought a bottle of wine I bought at a winery
back in May, 
Yes, it is named after "Me", well....
that's what I tell my self anyway !

The path beyond goes into the woods, 
I sit here in the mornings
and evening hoping to see 
a Buck, Elk, Turkeys, anything,
however so far the back of a Coyote I think, 
The many times I have walked the trail,
nothing is there, that I can see, anyway , 
So wouldn't you know,
 going home the last day of camp,
10 miles down the road, 
8:30 am I see something cross the road.....

Yes, a Michigan Grey Wolf, crossing the road, 
then leaping into the ravine,  
I could not believe my eyes, 
and immediately googled
Michigan Wolves when I got home, 
till I found what I saw, 
3 car lengths ahead of me,
going East on M72, 

When I see or hear 
animals in the wild of Michigan, 
I feel very blessed, 
and one with the environment,
I have been coming to 
the forests since I was 12 years old,
always lived in the country
 growing up and have seen some 
beautiful things, 
Never a Wolf, he or she was Beautiful,
it's fur glistened in the morning sun!

Thank you Universe for this Birthday Gift !!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Birthday Gypsy Camp !!!

It has been a long tradition that the family goes 
Up North to Grandpa's Shack over my Birthday,
now the shack sold and chidren 
grown and on their own,
I keep up the tradition by 
staying at my favorite camp site
close to the same area as 
Grandpa's Shack, 

On a recent trip to the Cape, 
my daughter Elizabeth 
purchased a new copy 
of one of my favorite books,

For Me!!! on my Birthday!!!

Ms Alice Hoffman lives 
on the Cape and had 
a book signing!!!

I will always cherish this gift!!!
Thank you Ms Hoffman,
Thank You, Elizabeth !!

Beautiful sunny warm weekend here,
especially for me I know today on my 
Leaving for my Gypsy Camp to stay the 
next couple days, in the woods of 
Northern Michigan,

I recently found this 1950's themos kit 
at a local garage sale, 2.00,
Soup, Coffee and sandwich/food  box,
So excited to use it, road day trip !!!!, 

Can't wait to get to "My Spot", 
set up the lanterns, candles, 
under my Faerie Tree !!!

Walk the trails, sit in camp 
and read my books !!!!

So this is where I will be,  
Wishing you all a warm and 
fun week ahead,
This second week of Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Halloween Inspiration

My daughter Elizabeth and I watched Practical Magic
the other night, The Victorian/Gothic house in the movie
is so beautiful and inspiring, I try to emulate the rooms 
every year, 

My dinning room table will 
have to do for the "observatory"?

This is one of my spell bottles this year, 
I decorate them with antique lace and charms,

Here are my spell ingredients, herbs and powders

I found this old tin box this year at a neighborhood yard sale,
just love it for putting my Magick things in it!

I use this folder for my "Book of Shadows",
 I found this years ago when 
I was a teenager, and my mother and I went to an estate sale,
 I have always taken it 
for granted, never really examined it, 
now I think it might be leather, 

One of my antique velvet pumpkins, decorated with antique lace, 
antique silk toole, antique floral leaf, antique black jet buttons, 

Paper tissue ornament I made a couple years ago, 

Don't you love old silver?  
It seems to look great for any holiday!

I hope this inspires you also, 
Especially with Halloween Parties coming up,

See you then,