Monday, December 19, 2016

Blessed Yule!

Yule, Winter Solstice, Sol Stetit, 
a Latin word meaning,
"sun stands still".  
The shortest day of the year 
and the longest night of the year!
For six days preceding and
 following the solstice, 
the sun "appears" to rise 
and set in the same place.
A time of magick and 
mystery as we cross over
 to the return of the sun!
A time of renewal and transformation,
The days become gradually longer,
We celebrate by  observing  
the Roman God, Saturn,
known as Saturnalia, 
December 17 to December 15,
his Grecian counterpart, Cronos.

Celtic traditions see Yule as 
the battle between the 
Oak King and the Holly King.
Oak King kills the Holly King 
and reigns until Midsummer or Litha!
Time of the "Sidhe" or
 people of the mounds,
Faerie raths and cairns.

At the solstice night we 
can cross over to the other dimensions, 
to other worlds.
We seek counsel from the 
world of the Sidhe, 
the Shining Ones, the Faerie.
A time to ask for greater wisdom, magick,
and the blessing of this 
ancient ancestral race of higher beings.

Yule Charm:
Equal parts, bay laurel, cinnamon,
 nutmeg, grind in mortar and pestle.
Put the mixture on a circle of green cloth,
Tie it up with red thread and
 carry with you on the winter solstice.
All three herbs are considered 
to be ruled by the Sun.
This charm will enhance 
psychic awareness and 
project positive energy!

However you celebrate,
I wish you a blessed Yule season!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Long Nights Moon in my Window

Long Nights Moon as seen through my 
Kitchen window at about 4 am,

Nice surprise when I couldn't sleep and 
came down stairs to make a cup of tea !!

What were the chances to see the moon,
with all the clouds the night of the Full Moon !!

Such a peaceful, beautiful site to see !!! 

Monday, December 12, 2016

December Long NIghts Moon

Decembers full moon is called the 
Long Nights Moon by most 
First Nations Tribes,

It occurs near the Winter Solstice, 
when the night is long 
before the wheel turns
to longer days ahead.  

I will be celebrating the 
White Goddess of  the Full Yule Moon,
Vesta of the Everlasting Flame,
Eternal Virgin, pure and white as 
the light of the Moon,

In her love and light she will 
bring purity to the season.
The hearth is her altar,
and she invites you to come closer
and be comforted by her warmth,

When the day draws near there will be  
a new start with the turn of the wheel,
Back to the Sun and the return 
of the Oak King !!!

Goddess Vesta of the Long Nights Moon,
Warm me in your glow,
On this cold night ,
Light the way below,
for the Journey of the Wheel to Begin

As Above , So Below
So Blessed Be !!!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Almost Ready

Is it just me or has "Everything" been running 
together in one big LUMP since September?
In my struggle to keep my business going,
planning for a fiends December wedding,
and getting ready for my own family's 
Christmas, Everything has gotten away from me this year,

Finally have the Front Door done, 


Antique Wooden Skates from an 
Antique Shop in Germany, 

Put out the Old Vintage Sled 
I painted White,

My reliable Spirea Branch Wreath, 
I have been using for 
about 4 years now,  

This was new last year, I bought this 
heavy metal dress form 
from a fellow vendor at 
the antique mall I am in and gave her 
A New Yule  Dress, 

Finally everything  pulled together!!!

Now for the inside, maybe have 
it done by the end of next week?

Wishing all of you a good decorating week!!!