Friday, December 29, 2017

Celebrating the Full Moon , January 1, 2018

On our way for the Triple Goddess, 

The Full  Moon Names we use 
in the almanac come from the 
Algonquin tribes who lived in 
regions from New England 
to Lake Superior
They are the names the 
Colonial Americans adapted most. 
The Wolf Moon , January amid the cold 
and deep snows of midwinter,
 the Wolf Packs howled hungrily 
outside the Indian Villages

Hence the name for 
January's Full Moon,
Also referred to as,
 the Old Moon or the Moon after Yule

Time for spells to transform,
 increase psychic ability,
fertility spells and invocation 
to the lunar Goddesses.
A time of Strength , Love and Power.
The Full Moon represents
 the Goddess Mother aspect,
Praise to Cerridwen, 

The time with the Full Moon
 lasts abut 3 days before to
3 days after the actual full Moon. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Blessed Yule!

Yule, Winter Solstice, Sol Stetit, 
a Latin word meaning,
"sun stands still".  
The shortest day of the year 
and the longest night of the year!
For six days preceding and
 following the solstice, 
the sun "appears" to rise 
and set in the same place.
A time of magick and 
mystery as we cross over
 to the return of the sun!
A time of renewal and transformation,
The days become gradually longer,
We celebrate by  observing  
the Roman God, Saturn,
known as Saturnalia, 
December 17 to December 15,
his Grecian counterpart, Cronos.

Celtic traditions see Yule as 
the battle between the 
Oak King and the Holly King.
Oak King kills the Holly King 
and reigns until Midsummer or Litha!
Time of the "Sidhe" or
 people of the mounds,
Faerie raths and cairns.

At the solstice night we 
can cross over to the other dimensions, 
to other worlds.
We seek counsel from the 
world of the Sidhe, 
the Shining Ones, the Faerie.
A time to ask for greater wisdom, magick,
and the blessing of this 
ancient ancestral race of higher beings.

Yule Charm:
Equal parts, bay laurel, cinnamon,
 nutmeg, grind in mortar and pestle.
Put the mixture on a circle of green cloth,
Tie it up with red thread and
 carry with you on the winter solstice.
All three herbs are considered 
to be ruled by the Sun.
This charm will enhance 
psychic awareness and 
project positive energy!

However you celebrate,
I wish you a blessed Yule season!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Merry Solstice!

Sol Stetit, Latin, meaning "Sun Stands Still"
The longest night of the year, 
The Shortest day of the year,
The Winter Solstice...............

"Hweol", Saxon word for "Wheel", or "Yule",
referring to the Wheel of the Year, 

The "Yule" has its roots from the 
ancient Roman observance of Saturnalia,
December 17 to December 25, 
The 25th being the celebration day of Mithras. 
Sol Invictus, "invincible Sun"

There are many names and celebrations
 for the Winter Solstice, such as,
Yule, Midwinter, Modranacht, 
and "Mother Night"

Many names for the Solar Deity,
Apollo, Greek, 
Belenus, Celtic, 
LLaw LLaw Gyffes, British,
Lugh Lamh-fada, Gaelic,
 Mithras, Roman, 
Osiris, Egyptian, and, Ra also Egyptian, 

The Celtic Cailleach, 

The battle between the Oak and Holly King,
At the Solstice  the Oak King 
conquers the Holly King,

Yule Cheese Ball:
1 package of cream cheese, room temperature
1 package of chipped beef, chopped
chopped red onion to taste,
chopped green pepper to taste, 
sprinkle in about half a package of  dry ranch dressing mix,

Mix all together, roll into 1 cup of chopped pecans and form into a ball,
chill 1 hour or longer before serving on a platter with your favorite 
chips or crackers!

Wheel of Yule turn this way,
To make new life and wishes stay,
Bring harmony, balance, peace to all
On this Pagan Day!

Blessings to you for a Magickal Year!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sleeping Gardens

My Winter Gardens are calling me................

I saw a glimpse of a longer day 
yesterday, the sky was still 
an amber, rose hue by six pm, 

The Spruce is still snuggled 
in with an armor of snow, 

The arbor and Yew are heavy 
with white matter, 

Overall I sense the wheel turning,
Preparing for the return of the 
Goddess from the underworld, 
and feel the excitement 
of  a new Season approaching!

Do you feel it too?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas in the Plumfield Gardens

We Have Snow !!!!
We finally received our long awaited Snow Storm,
The Schools were excused 2 hours earlier,
So I drove in the snow storm to pic up the 
4 year old early from daycare, and get to the 
house to meet the school bus for the 8 year old,
Their father, my son,  was stranded in Detroit,
so I spent the day, night and another day alone with them!!

Back Yard Arbor Entrance,

Bigfoot paid a Visit !!

Little Spruce all Dressed Up! 

I use tomato rings to mark 
certain spots that have
perennials so I don't want to 
mistakenly dig them up in the spring !!

Tall Spruce, Short Spruce

Friday, December 1, 2017

December Full Super Moon and Yule Celebration

How will you be Celebrating the 
Super Moon of December 2017?

Decembers Full Super Moon is called the 
Long Nights Moon by most 
First Nations Tribes,
This year I am attempting to combine my 
love for Native American Worship
and the Celtic Rituals,
I believe their origins are very simillar
however, came out with different 
translations once the tribes entered the 
America's, After all either one wants
to achieve the same end.

Thank you Creator for Gifting 
Our Milky Way with 
Watching over Women to be 
Respected and Protected,
Ancient One's Bless Us this 
Full Moon Night,
Deliver my feet to Sacred Ground,
Let me Dwell in your Moon Lodge
Learning your Wisdom, Knowledge
and Guidance in for this Life, 

Bless Us Creator , Great One,

Oh-Ho All My Relations

When the day draws near there will be  
a new start with the turn of the wheel,
Back to the Sun and the return 
of the Oak King !!!

Warm me in your glow,
On this cold night ,
Light the way below,
for the Journey of the Wheel to Begin

Wishing you many Blessings 
this Super Moon Night !

As it is Above, So Below
So Mote it Be

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Preparing for Plumfield Yule

What do you do for the Yule season?
One thing that puts me in the mood for the holidays is a simple Yule 
wreath or swag to hang on a door or wall.

I am gathering juniper, boxwood, white pine, spruce, holly, yew, this and that 
from my gardens, 

Here is my basket of greens, 
the pine cones are not from here,
(just set them in the basket) 
the wreath form I made 
from a vine in 
my back garden,

This is the berry from my 
burning bush in the front garden,

This is some wired artificial pine branch 
I found at the dollar
store last year,  I will use this 
to wrap everything onto the vine ring,

I also save the twist ties from the 
Christmas tree lites, they are green and 
blend really well with all 
your green decorations
I layered each piece repeating the pattern, 
and making sure the branches all
go the same direction, spruce,
 boxwood, juniper, yew, and so on,

Take the wire pine branch and come 
from the back over the front, 
around to the back again pulling 
tight as you go, tuck the wire 
under pieces of the 
branch as you go so it 
won't show, 

Secure in the back, 

Wrap a pine cone with the twist tie 
and secure to the wreath, 
Finally, I used a piece of burlap as a ribbon, 
and stuck the dried Hydrangea 
in for some color, 
Could use some more red? 
another Hydrangea flower?
Aww, maybe I will fuss with
 that again tomorrow, 

For now I like this, have to 
pull other things together now,

Have a Blessed Week Ahead,