Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Brigid's Imbolc or Candlemass Eve

If Candlemas day be sunny and bright,
Winter again will show its might.
If Candlemas day be cloudy and grey,
Winter soon will pass away!

On Imbolc the crone "Caileach"s"
 grip on winter loosens. 
Finding "dry" kindling for the celebration fires, means "winter" will hang on longer. 
If she finds "damp" twigs 
she will be unable to prolong winter!
And so....... this may be the 
probable origin of seeing the 
Groundhogs shadow to determine
 the coming of 

How will you celebrate Imbolc or Candlemas?

As one of the four principal
 festivals of the pagan calendar and originally 
dedicated to the goddess Brigid, 
and later adopted by the Christian period as 
St. Brigids's Day,

Brigid is known as the Goddess of poetry, 
healing and Smithcraft. I put these elements
onto my altar.
As both Goddess and Saint she is also associated with holy wells, sacred flames and healing. 
Lighting candles and fire represents the return of the Sun in the coming months.

The Celtic root Brig, meaning "exalted", the High One of Strength, daughter of Dagda.

Eye of Brighid
Eye of the mind,
Mother blessed and divine,
Who dwells both in and out of time,
Into your darksome depths I scry.
In you all beginnings and ending lie,
Come to my aid and be my guide.
Assist me in what I hope to find.
What lies before me and behind?
This I charge thee with this rhyme:
Grant me what I know is mine!
For I am your anointed daughter
And the keeper of your sacred water!"

Here is my  Brighid's Crown,
a grapevine wreath on my altar, 
The Healer, I have a Rose Quartz Stone, and Lavender Oil, know for healing,

Brighid a sister of the Fae, 
I put a Faerie with the wreath,

Seeds to represent the plants for
 the coming of Spring
and a Faerie book of Poetry, 

A Smith Crafter, I found a hand 
hammered copper bowl
and a wooden handle tool, 

Brighid is also associated with 
Scrying at the well, 
so I put my water dish 
on the altar also, 

A dark green satin cloth for 
Brighids Mantel, 

An antique redwork linen for the 
Fire and Snow, 

Make Brigid's Crown,
Start with a grapevine or wire wreath,
Wrap the wire wreath with greens, 
Tuck in or hot glue in ribbons,
 flowers, beads or jewels,
or just candles to symbolize 
fire and the returning Sun!

Since Imbolc means in part "Ewes Milk"
why not make a lovely custard in appreciation
for the season......here is a recipe I like,   

Baked Custard:
4 eggs
3 cups milk
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon each nutmeg,cinnamon,vanilla
Whip all together, bake 60 minutes, at 350*
(I like to place baking dish in another dish of water about an inch high, then slide in oven)

Thank you for visiting my 
Candelmass Eve Celebration, 

Spelling You a 
Blessed Imbolc Season!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Putting together Imbolc Celebration


On the 2nd is the celebration of  Brighid,
The Triple Goddess

Things to know for my Candelmass  
(also know as)  
Celebration !

1. Brighid, Brig meaning Exalted One, 
Daughter of Dagda, one of the 
Tuatha de Dannan,
(underground Faeries)
2.  Her two sisters also called Brighid, 
3.  Associated with Poetry,
Healing and Smithcraft's
4.  All three celebrated as aspects of a 
single deity, or the,
Celtic Triple Goddess !

On the 10th, the Full Moon, known as the "Quickening Moon"

Celtic Tree of the month Rowan ends
Celtic Tree of the month Ash begins, 

Decorating my Altar I will need:

1.  Colors, Red to symbolize the Sun,
                         White to symbolize the snow, and 
2.   Green for Brighid's Green Mantle
 she wears,
3.  Plants to symbolize growth 
the coming of spring,

4.  Brighid's Crown, flowers, garden bulbs, 
white candles,
5.  A Brighid's Cross or Celtic Knot work, 

Other symbol's of the Goddess may be 
1. A Brighid Corn Doll,
2. Healing Herbs,
3.  Faeries, Brighid is a Sister of the Fae, 

A lot to put together !!!
However I enjoy displaying all of these
 aspects of the Goddess together,

Come back on the Imbolc Eve to see the 
finished Alter  !!! 

Until then I hope you are having 
fun planning
your celebration also, 

Thursday, January 5, 2017


This time of year when the wind howls...

The snow blows............,

                    The garden paths are full of ice.......

                                 I Dream Of ............,

Walking barefoot down the soft, grass path........, 

Finding the Faeries among the fronds........., 

Hiding under the tented white arbor.........

Happy clusters of pink...........

Warm evenings under the lanterns ............, 

  Where the Faeries live.............

           What are you Dreaming Of? 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Snow Goddess of the Pine

Can you see the arms? 
How they beckon you enter, 
Into the center,
Encased with the warmth within, 
Time to heal and begin again!


Pleasant Snows and Dreams be Your's !