Friday, December 29, 2017

Celebrating the Full Moon , January 1, 2018

On our way for the Triple Goddess, 

The Full  Moon Names we use 
in the almanac come from the 
Algonquin tribes who lived in 
regions from New England 
to Lake Superior
They are the names the 
Colonial Americans adapted most. 
The Wolf Moon , January amid the cold 
and deep snows of midwinter,
 the Wolf Packs howled hungrily 
outside the Indian Villages

Hence the name for 
January's Full Moon,
Also referred to as,
 the Old Moon or the Moon after Yule

Time for spells to transform,
 increase psychic ability,
fertility spells and invocation 
to the lunar Goddesses.
A time of Strength , Love and Power.
The Full Moon represents
 the Goddess Mother aspect,
Praise to Cerridwen, 

The time with the Full Moon
 lasts abut 3 days before to
3 days after the actual full Moon. 

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