Saturday, January 28, 2017

Putting together Imbolc Celebration


On the 2nd is the celebration of  Brighid,
The Triple Goddess

Things to know for my Candelmass  
(also know as)  
Celebration !

1. Brighid, Brig meaning Exalted One, 
Daughter of Dagda, one of the 
Tuatha de Dannan,
(underground Faeries)
2.  Her two sisters also called Brighid, 
3.  Associated with Poetry,
Healing and Smithcraft's
4.  All three celebrated as aspects of a 
single deity, or the,
Celtic Triple Goddess !

On the 10th, the Full Moon, known as the "Quickening Moon"

Celtic Tree of the month Rowan ends
Celtic Tree of the month Ash begins, 

Decorating my Altar I will need:

1.  Colors, Red to symbolize the Sun,
                         White to symbolize the snow, and 
2.   Green for Brighid's Green Mantle
 she wears,
3.  Plants to symbolize growth 
the coming of spring,

4.  Brighid's Crown, flowers, garden bulbs, 
white candles,
5.  A Brighid's Cross or Celtic Knot work, 

Other symbol's of the Goddess may be 
1. A Brighid Corn Doll,
2. Healing Herbs,
3.  Faeries, Brighid is a Sister of the Fae, 

A lot to put together !!!
However I enjoy displaying all of these
 aspects of the Goddess together,

Come back on the Imbolc Eve to see the 
finished Alter  !!! 

Until then I hope you are having 
fun planning
your celebration also, 

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