Friday, March 10, 2017

March Sap Moon

March Moon know as Sap or Worm Moon
by Native American tribes,
the Sap is running and the 
earthworms are coming up to the 
top of the softening soil 
for the Robins to find !!

I Tapped my two Maple trees 
this year for the first time,
Tapped a little late, however did get the 40 gallons I need for 1 Quart of syrup,

Very exciting !!!

The Goddess for March,
She is called the Kore, or the 
Spring Maiden, Persephone, 
reunited with the Mother Goddess
of the Earth, and the renewal of life.

My Full Moon Ritual:

Ancient beings gather tonight under
the Sap Moon,
to bring about the Renewal of Life,
Goddess Persephone,
hear my plea,
Renew my life path, 
as you renew the Earth,
Warming, comforting, forgiving,

To begin again anew!!

As it is Above, so Below,
So Mote it Be!

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