Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pink Moon at Plumfield

April 11 2017

Full Pink Moon

Name given by Native American Tribes,
 because the color is that of 
the Moss Pink or the 
Wild Ground Phlox

Other names are:
Sprouting Grass Moon
Egg Moon 
Fish Moon

I have always have a full moon ceremony,
 I like to choose the Goddess I am honoring , 
set up my altar with the colors

I use a white goddess candle in the 
center and have a bowl with water
to set in the moon light for use 
as my sacred moon water, 
choose and oil, herbs, crystals or 
stones that coincide with 
the ceremony I am creating. 
Sometimes I will put corresponding 
colored candles at the 4 quarters,
Then I like to use a favorite 
verse or written ritual to say
 while using all the elements on my alter

The Moon Goddess

Lady of the Silver Moon,
Watch over me this night,
Guide me with words and actions,
and keep me within your sight,
I thank you for your love,
and protecting me from strife,
I honor you for bringing me,
charm and magick to my life,

So Mote it Be !

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