Friday, May 19, 2017

Simple Garden Beauties

Sometimes all it takes is the 
Simple, Rustic, Wild, garden to 
Soothe the Soul..........

Lilly of  the Valley,
  Pure and White........

Bleeding your Heart,  of grief..........

Red Trilliums

Sweet Wild Ginger Roses,
They are so Charming!

The Trillium Trail................
My Labirinth of Nature to Travel..........

Wishing you a Soothing Garden 
This Spring.......

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mackinac Island Flora/Fauna Trails

Mackinac Island Lilac Festival Weekend
June 9 to 18th, 2017

The woods of Mackinac Island pull me in, 

Along the trails of never ending 
Wild Forget Me Not's,

A Lilly of sorts? Not sure exactly 
which one this is, 

Happened upon Me Lady's Yellow Slipper's, 

I Have never in my life seen the 
Yellow Slipper's in the wild, 
these beauties are along every  trail side, Amazing!!!!

Here in southern Michigan, 
the early spring wildflowers are done,
on the island they are either 
still in bloom or just finishing, 

This is me in the distance on my Pink Schwin I recieved for my 
13th Birthday, Well........ a few years ago !

Forget Me Not's,

Soloman's Seal,

The discovery of an ancient 
Native burial grounds marked with 

This is the road where the local's say you can see 
Civil War Soldiers, from Fort Michilimackinac,
 walking in the wood at dusk ! 

Every private home, cottage or 
Inn has a Lilac shrub,
Of course our Lilac's here
 finished about two weeks ago, 
The Island Lac's are still in full bloom, 
for the celebration of the  Lilac Festival, 

I found a rock altar along the outer island trail,
The one on the left is my creation,
You will find these all along the island trails, 

Along the trail, looking at the 
Round Island Light House,

This is the same Romantic Island 
from the movie "Somewhere In Time"
 when Ellyse and Richard row out to it.........

such a romantic Island!

I will miss you until 
Next time !!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Motherhood Trails and Tribulations !

Along the Trail, 

I gather, walk, contemplate,

Past, Present, Future, 
the plight of Motherhood
over these years,  



Twist's and Turn's, 

Among the Ferns, 

Moments Up's and Down's  

Thorn's around


The Sun  Shines Through,

Blooms Forth...... 

Quiet meadows, mellow places, 

All is well in the Garden of Motherhood,

Wishing you all 
a blessed
Happy Mother Day