Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Forever Summer Solstice !!

Enter Under the Magickal Garden Portal

A Lone Pipper Appears

A Quiet Path to a Quiet Place

Beautiful Goddesses and Faerie's,

Antique Lace Faerie

Hatter Watch's Over All Who Enter
(in window)

Hippie Child

Velda the Fortune Teller

Garden "White Elephant" Gift Exchange,

Local Green Faerie

Twilight in the Solstice Garden

Just happen to be a Full Moon Night,
in the Solstice Garden,

The Faeries were truley watching 
over the Garden and All who 
attended !!! 

"Lavender, Basil, Cammomile,
Mix together to conjure my spell, 
In the Solstice Garden we will Be,
Spelling Love and Friendship
for all to See !!"

As it is Above So Below,
So Mote it BE !!!!

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