Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Preparing for Lughnasad

The Gardens are Wanning,
 kinda sounds like Waiting doesn't it ?

Waiting for another turn of the Wheel, 
Waiting, Wanning for Lughnasad, on
August Eve or August 1st, 

Lugh, The Sun God of the ending Celtic Summer,
The First Harvest, 
the Beginning of the End of Summer !!!
Also said as "Lammastide", meaning "loaf mass",
A Saxon word said as "hlaf", or "loaf"
The Gathering of bread 
and grains of the First Harvest, 

Another folklore and ritual of Lughnasad is the struggle for the harvest between two Gods.
One, called Crom Dubh, generates the growth of the crops and guards as his Treasure,
Lugh, must seize it for Mankind
The second , Eithne a woman represents the grain,

The perennials are blossoming at their peek,
Hostas, Ferns, Flocks showing off
their beautiful blooms and foliage, 

The wildflowers are passing 
and producing seeds for next spring, 

Herbs, First Harvest Vegetables  are at their Fullest bounty, 
ready to harvest, and 
hang to dry for cooking, preserving or teas, 

I wish it could wait a little longer,
This Spring, Summer Season 
has gone by so fast for me,

Bittersweet, this thing "time", 
I have plenty of Thyme in the Garden,
however where is it in the Life?

So we must cherish and enjoy as we 
go along, be thankful in this 
Harvest, Lughnasad Season, 
so here a Spell  to guide us through,

Ceres and Demeter, Corn Mother,
Kore/Persephone, the Grain,

Goddess Demeter,
Join me here,
The first Harvest of the year,
Bounty in all things I spell,
 For all my Folk to be well  !

As Above , so Below
So Mote it Be !!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Blessing Moon at Plumfield

There are many ways to be
 thankful for your Blessings, especially
With a Full Blessings Moon ceremony,
A glass of wine, a pretty bowl of water,
 (to capture the moon glow),
And Gatherings from your Garden, 

*Fresh herbs or flowers,
*Summer fruits such as strawberry’s 
or raspberries
*Solar symbols,

*Sew water, sand or shells, pearls,
*Light the  candle for each 
direction while calling upon the 
 powers of ,

Earth, green, 
for the Air,yellow, 
for the  Fire, red ,
 and for the Water, blue 

I Invoke the Goddess of the Blessings Moon , 
with the lighting of the White candle , 

I Raise the bowl of water for scrying, 
or oil to the Moon,
Here I offer this sacred Water, Oil,
Fill it with the power of your Glow !, 

I come tonight by the light of 
this Blessing Moon, 

to celebrate this summer 
season and rejoice,
To Praise  my  many
 Blessings in this Life,

I List them one by one,  
Read them aloud,

Thank the powers and directions,

As the moon above, so the earth below.
So Mote it Be !