Friday, July 7, 2017

Blessing Moon at Plumfield

There are many ways to be
 thankful for your Blessings, especially
With a Full Blessings Moon ceremony,
A glass of wine, a pretty bowl of water,
 (to capture the moon glow),
And Gatherings from your Garden, 

*Fresh herbs or flowers,
*Summer fruits such as strawberry’s 
or raspberries
*Solar symbols,

*Sew water, sand or shells, pearls,
*Light the  candle for each 
direction while calling upon the 
 powers of ,

Earth, green, 
for the Air,yellow, 
for the  Fire, red ,
 and for the Water, blue 

I Invoke the Goddess of the Blessings Moon , 
with the lighting of the White candle , 

I Raise the bowl of water for scrying, 
or oil to the Moon,
Here I offer this sacred Water, Oil,
Fill it with the power of your Glow !, 

I come tonight by the light of 
this Blessing Moon, 

to celebrate this summer 
season and rejoice,
To Praise  my  many
 Blessings in this Life,

I List them one by one,  
Read them aloud,

Thank the powers and directions,

As the moon above, so the earth below.
So Mote it Be !

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