Monday, August 7, 2017

Woman's Moon

So many different Native American names 
for the Full Moons,
a few of my favorite are 
Sturgeon Moon,
Berry Moon, 
Dog Day Moon, 
Corn Silk Moon,

I tried to Capture the Moon ,
not quite full yet , however,
glad I took this shot,

The last two nights have been clouded over 
so can not see anything, 

Hopefully tonight I can get 
the True Full Moon, 

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Enter in........ 

We are having somewhat of a 
Draught here in Michigan,

I try to run out every night to water, most of my 
back garden is in the shade so they do 
hold some water, 

However, my Beautiful Phlox 
were seaming to suffer with the 
White Mold, I found this remedy on the web,
 and it WORKS !!
1. one part oil, I used organic Coconut,
2. one part Dawn dish soap,
3. two or three parts water, 

I doubled the amount and put in a left over 
spray bottle that you attach to the garden hose,

Turn on and spray the leaves, 
top and under and 
then the soil at the roots,
I guess the soil holds the mold spores?

I also sprayed other plants with the 
White Dust on them,
Pumpkin......, Lilac......,
seems to be working,  

Looking forward to the Full Hazel Moon,
meanwhile will be Spelling in the Waxing Moon,

Wishing you all 
Hazel Moon Blessings !!!